Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Revised Gamercard++ Idea

After the initial feedback on our idea we recieved from Andy we have decided to make some slight changes to our hackday idea. The basic principle stays the same but we plan to avoid using cURL to screen scrape the 5 most recently played games. Instead we plan to make use of yahoo! pipes to provide customisable content to be displayed on the widget. This will be in the form of reviews, cheats, guides, achievement guides and price cuts.

We have confirmed at least 3 more rss feeds we will use: rss rss
xbox360 rss

Monday, 2 March 2009

Initial Hackday Idea

Our idea is to create a yahoo desktop widget which will expand on the current functionality of xbox desktop gamercard. The current gamercard consists of the users xbox gamertag, gamerscore, gaming zone, reputation and the last five games they have played. This is all the information that can be accessed without logging into We plan to implement a new widget which will include the current gamercard but with the addition of more relevant information and links to resources regarding the recently played games. Our widget will allow the user to store a number of gamertags(i.e. their own plus friends) this will allow quick and easy access to a much wider scope of information about what they and their friends have been playing.

The additional information our widget will provide will be links to various yahoo groups, relevant yahoo answers streams, further information on games including cheapest prices and possibly reviews.

We plan to use the following technologies to implement our idea:
Yahoo! Widgets
Yahoo! Answers API
Yahoo! Groups API
xbox gamertag API
gamestracker RSS feed
We are still to confirm which review site RSS feed to use.

Any comments or queries are welcome!